The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology

In the 21st century, blasting has undergone dramatic changes leading to the advancement of both the science and engineering principles used in today's blast design. With these rapid changes it may be difficult to keep up and ensure that your blasting operation is the most effective.

What is effective blasting? Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you know how to redesign a pattern without any guesswork and get to within 90% accuracy, and be able to calculate this "on the back of an envelope"?

2) Do you frequently suffer from improper fragmentation, either through unsalable fines or equipment damaging, production slowing oversize?

3) Do you have to employee any secondary blasting in your operation?

4) Do you have smooth highwalls that are safe for your workers and at the optimal angle for maximum profit?

5) Do you know how to properly time a blast that minimal vibration, good fragmentation, and smooth walls are accomplished?

Academy Blasting is for You

Academy Blasting is a training center that specializes in teaching participants the science and engineering aspects involved in rock blasting. With three forms of courses to choose from, everyone around the world can now learn the way of the explosive engineer.

How can you learn Explosive Engineering?

The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology now offers three unique ways to train through:

1. In-Class Training at locations around the world
2. Online Training through
3. Custom Group or Corporate Training (Customizable Courses)

"An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best Interest"

- Benjamin Franklin

Who should receive training?

Blasting impacts almost all aspects of mining and construction work. The stability of slopes, diggability of material, processing costs and metallurgy, production and planning, public affiars, and safety all begin with the blasting process. For this reason, all these different functions should have sufficient knowledge in the possibilities of blasting and ways to ensure that there areas are covered under an appropriate blasting plan.

Previous students that the Academy has had in courses include:

  1. Executive Members such as CEO, COO, CFO
  2. Mine and Construction Managers
  3. Supervisors of all levels
  4. Geomechanical Engineers
  5. Geologists
  6. Mine Planners
  7. Production and Crushing Engineers
  8. Mine Engineers
  9. Blasting Engineers
  10. Blasters
  11. Laborers

Your full schedule matters to us


At the Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology we realize that many people have busy schedules, and for that reason Academy Blasting has been created to allow busy professionals to learn the newest technologies and methods of blasting! These online courses have fun and practical content, along with quizzes for each lesson to ensure learning!

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The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology

While our instructors have been teaching industry and college level seminars for the past 50 years our director and founder, Dr. Calvin Konya, realized a strong need in the industry for a set training center for blasting and explosives. This is when Dr. Konya developed the Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology (ABET) for professional training.

Based in Montville, Ohio the Academy offers attendees private suites for stay during the course as well as miles of nature walking trails, fishing lakes and boating, and gourmet meals including our 24 oz. steak nights and bonfires!

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Academy of Blasting and Explosive Training and Technology

"What if we train our employees and they leave?"

"What if we don't and they stay?"

Corporate Blasting Training Programs

The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology offers a wide variety of courses related to blasting and explosives including: field-courses for blasters or engineers, engineering design courses, management courses, and courses for government organizations such as the Federal Highway Administration and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Many companies and organizations wish to have customized courses for there employees to advance in specific areas of blasting. The Academy specializes in corporate training and can work with any company to create and hold training. In 2016 alone the Academy has held corporate courses for dozens of clients including companies such as:

  1. Oldcastle Materials
  2. DeBeers Diamonds
  3. Taho Resources

Contact us today if you are interested in receiving more information on corporate courses!