The Underground Blasting course is a must take for anyone working with underground mining or underground construction. When approaching an underground blasting operation one of the first questions is, what type of pattern will be used? In some cases, only one option is available but more often a number of combinations are possible and how will you determine which one is the best for the situation?

In this course topics such as pattern selection, design of different underground patterns, new ways to use explosives underground, underground vibrations, and underground ground control from blasting will be taught at this new, one of a kind blasting seminar.
Underground Blasting Training

Brief Course Outline

  1. Explosive Selection for Underground Blasting
  2. Breakage Mechanisms of Rock Underground
  3. Underground Loading Principles
  4. Burden Cut Design
  5. Burn Cut Optimization
  6. V-Cut Design
  7. V-Cut Optimization
  8. Ring Drilling and Blasting Design
  9. Stope Blast Design
  10. Undercut Blasting Design
  11. Shooting-off-the-Solid Design
  12. Shaft Sinking Blasting Design
  13. Trim Blasting Underground
  14. Buffer Row Design
  15. Underground Bench Blast Design
  16. Underground Vibrations
  17. Underground Explosive Safety

Who should take this course?

The Underground Blasting course is designed for those who are working in or preparing to work in an underground blasting operation with either mining or construction goals. This course is ideal for front line supervisors, blasting/explosive engineers, mining engineers, or project managers of underground operations. In this course participants will be challenged to combined there experience with the new methods of underground blasting that have been developed in the past 5 years.

This course is also great for those interested in underground blasting or those wishing to transition into an underground operation. This course will rapidly build upon the basics and lead attendees through a multitude of underground blasting practices to ensure a deep understanding of a wide range of patterns.

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