The Underwater Blasting Seminar is the only technical underwater blasting course available. Taught by Dr. Konya, the principles in this course have been used on major projects such as: Panama Canal, Kentucky Locks, Miami Harbor, and many other large construction projects worldwide.

This course will teach attendees how to drill and blast underwater with accuracy and precision. One of the major considerations of an underwater project is the drilling barges and other equipment that will be used. Along with this, explosive selection is critical to minimize toxic fumes dissolving into the water and ensuring that maximum explosive energy is obtained. Other topics covered in this course are underwater blast design and the environmental considerations of underwater blasting, including vibration and animal control.

Underwater Blasting

Brief Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Underwater Blasting
  2. Regulatory Agencies that influence Underwater Blasting
  3. Underwater Blast Vibrations
  4. Underwater Vibration Instrumentation
  5. Vibration Records and Interpretation
  6. Factors Effecting Vibration
  7. Underwater Impulse
  8. Detonation Underwater
  9. Underwater Blasting Process
  10. Underwater Explosive Selection
  11. Underwater Initiation Systems
  12. Underwater Blast Design
  13. Marine Life Consideration
  14. Marine Life Blasting Safety Zones
  15. Underwater Air Curtains (Vibration Mitigation)
  16. Underwater Barge Selection

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for those who are working on or creating specification for underwater blasting operations. This course is also critical for explosive and civil engineers wishing to work in construction projects near or on waterways and those in government agencies such as the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

This course will teach the practical aspects of underwater blasting to ensure a safe work environment, compliance with all regulations, and efficient and cost-effective blasting.

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