The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology is the world leader in explosive and blasting training. The Academy offers many public and private courses around the world, educating blasters, engineers, supervisors, managers, and corporate executives in the science, engineering, safety, management, and technology of explosives and blasting.

The Academy has an online site where courses are available 24/7 in both metric and imperial units. These courses can be easily purchased and taken immediately to develop skills in blasting. This can be found at

The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology offers public seminars and workshops in Montville, Ohio at its site with overnight accommodations and food available.

Seminar courses are lecture based with activities embedded throughout the course. These vary by topic and instructor and teach the new and major concepts of the industry.

Workshop courses are activity based, advanced courses that are limited to less than eight participants. These courses teach application of skills and advanced topics, limiting lectures to a maximum of four (4) hours a day, with the remainder being hands-on and design activities.

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Academy Blasting Course List

Underwater Blasting Seminar – March 19 to 21

Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control Seminar – April 23 to 25

Advanced Rock Blasting Workshop – April 26 to 27

Advanced Blasting Vibration Seminar - July 17 to 19

Underground Blasting Seminar – July 31 to August 2 

Coal Blasting Seminar - September 18 to 20

Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control – October 15 to 17

Advanced Rock Blasting & Overbreak Control Workshop – October 18 to 19

Open Pit and Quarry Blasting Seminar – November 13 to 15