The Quarry and Open Pit Blasting course will teach attendees how to design and optimize blasts in surface blasting operations. This course will teach the key concepts of advanced pattern design, case studies, vibration control and minimization, fragmentation optimization through blasting, basics of blasting geology, wall control techniques, and how to control muckpile height and throw for loaders and shovels.

Brief Course Outline

  1. Rock Breakage Mechanisms
  2. Advanced Explosive Selection and Testing
  3. Priming and Boosting for Fragmentation, Efficiency, and Cost
  4. Fragmentation Size Distribution
  5. Initiators and Delay Devices
  6. Advanced Burden Design
  7. Advanced Stemming Design
  8. Subdrill Design
  9. Stiffness Ratio
  10. Advanced Spacing Design
  11. Advanced Timing Design
  12. Production Pattern Designs
  13. Adjusting Blasting to Field Conditions
  14. Wall Control Methods
  15. Advanced Presplit Design
  16. Blasting Management
  17. Blasting Safety
  18. Vibration Control
  19. Damage Control
  20. Adjustment of Blast Patterns for Vibration
  21. Airblast Control

Who should take this course?

This course is a must for those involved with surface blasting operations including blasters, engineers, and managers. The rock blasting industry has radically changed in the past 10 years and new techniques are available to easily deal with toes, boulders, and achieving slope angles while maintaining high production. In accordance with this, new regulations are being written for vibration, not based on damage but based the human perception of vibration. With the new regulations along with the increasing demand for production modern, cost-effective blasting techniques must be employed to stay competitive.

This course should also be taken by geologists, geotechnical engineers, explosive engineers, distributors, and company executives to ensure that all levels understand how to use explosive and proper blasting techniques to achieve their desired goals.

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