Emulsion Manufacturing Plants and Chemistry

Konya Industries developed its own emulsion formulations and manufacturing system to produce stable, low cost emulsion that have shelf lives of over 20 years.  Konya Industries has one fully-operation research plant in Hungary and has set up plants in North America, Europe, and Africa for clients in both explosive and mining companies. These plants are low cost and easy to maintain while producing the highest quality emulsions worldwide.

Emulsion Manufaturing

Konya Industries specializes in emulsion manufacturing of stable, powerful emulsions with extended shelf lives. Having both built new plants and rehabilitated old plants to meet the needs of todays emulsion industry. Our plants offer a dynamic process that has continuous production, unlike other batch processes.

Konya Industries emulsion plants can produce both bulk and cap sensitive emulsions for gassing or microsphere. In addition to this, our plants can produce unique, hardened emulsions that require no water bath or cooling process.
Explosive Emulsion for Sale

Packaging Machines

Konya Industries make a low cost, extremely reliable packaging machine that is ready to ship upon order. These packaging machines can make down to a 1 inch (25.4mm) size chub and upto a 5 inch (127mm) size chub. These machines can make chubs from 2 inches long to infinite length.

Contact us today for a quote or additional information on our packaging machines, able to ship worldwide and in stock.

Our Emulsion Line

  1. Bulk Emulsion
  2. Cap-Sensitive Emulsion
  3. Hardened Emulsion
  4. Packaged Emulsions
  5. Emulsion Boosters
  6. Emulsion Boulder Busters

Emulsion and Explosive Chemistry

At Konya Industries we have developed our own unique line of emulsion products that produce more pressure and can last for over 10 years without crystallization. Konya Industries consults in emulsion and explosive chemistry worldwide with clients from North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

In addition to this, Konya Industries does advanced research in explosive chemistry for companies and institutions to optimize products and test products for specialty applications. See some of our products below.

hardened emulsion
Hardened Emulsion - Stable and Solid still after 5 years
Packaged Emulsion Explosive