Welcome to Konya Industries. We are a team of engineers specializing in rock blasting consulting, industrial explosives, and training for mining and construction companies.


Konya Industries is the world expert in rock blasting consulting for both the mining and construction industries; including surface and underground production blasting, overbreak control, underwater blasting, and vibration control.

Industrial Explosives

Konya Industries has developed a top-tier emulsion manufacturing system along with extremely potent explosive formulations. In addition to this, Konya Industries is on the leading edge of research and hazard mitigation for industrial explosives.


Konya Industries has a 50 year history of training all levels of the mining and construction communities; from the blaster to company CEO. Konya Industries specializes in training on the application and use of explosive energy to achieve results.

At Konya Industries, We are Redefining Blasting


Konya Industries Advantage

Working with trained explosive engineer's gives a company the unique advantage of having a person trained and skilled in the use of explosive energy at there disposal.
The most common excuse in blasting is "Geology" which is the most complex variable when trying to break rock; however, in many cases the geology can be overcome
to get the ideal results. At Konya Industries, we don't make excuses because of geology, we make geology work for us.

A Preview of our Work

Cooper River Bridge

Cooper River Bridge Project Konya Industries was the lead on the design for demolition of the Cooper River Bridge Project. This project involved the explosive […]

Ekati Diamond Mine Blasting

Blasting the Diamond Pipes at Ekati

Ekati Blast Design and Training Konya Industries has been working with the Ekati Diamond Mine (out of Yellowknife, Canada) since before the mine had first gone […]

Precision Presplitting Design

Highway 28 Rock Blasting

Highway 28 Rock Blasting Konya Industries was tasked with designing and implementing the blast design for the four lane Highway 28 project located north of Pittsburgh, […]

Tucurui Hydro Project

Tucurui Hydro Project The Tucurui Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Tocantins River located near Para, Brazil. This was the first large-scale hydroelectric project […]

Our Clients

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"

- Henry Ford